About Us

Bon appétit Launched with a purpose to reintroduce folks to the authentic Indian Biryanis, Petu Pankaj,combines vegetarian and non-vegetarian, Hyderabadi and Awadhi and traditional and contemporary styles of cooking with a flair to create the perfect setting for a memorable gastronomic experience. The signature biryanis will soon work its magic and please your tummy with its therapeutic effects based on Ayurveda and ancient naturopathy. In the kitchen, the team is edicated to bring out the most authentic and consistent results using the finest ingredients hunted in the old Indian Bazaars, sourcing the original quality stuff from around the continent. With more than a score of Biryanis to offer, Petu Pankaj has become synonymous with the classic Indian feel.

We celebrate the great Mughlia kitchen, exclusively showcasing the culinary strengths of Indian royal food. The menu focuses solely on Biryanis bringing together seasonal veggies, hot and cold spices, herbs full of scents and supreme quality rice. It is a match of seasonality, health, taste and effect through close-knit relationship of artisan cooks and the cuisines. The service is quick as a snap, but the preparation is breathtakingly detailed. The Biryanis of Gold, Silver, Black Chicken and Smoked Chicken are found only here and nowhere else in the whole world.

For most of its history, India had great culinary relationships in entire South Asian Continent,loathed internationally for a food culture that -has enticed many. The Mughlia food history is enmeshed with lavishness and extravagance and has been supported by favourable climate whose conditions are mostly conducive to spices and herbs. From Kebab and Barra to Kachumbar and Salan, the techniques of cooking rely on ethnic ingredients which we have adopted with our own touch of modernity. Since, Biryani is a complete food, it is said that the Persian queens offered a pot of Biryani to their soldiers upon the onset of a war. Thus Biryani has been so much appreciated as a healthy food. The Indian appetite has been for spicy foods much more than simple ones. So, Petu Pankaj assembled the research based recipes and brought perfect comfort food on the table.